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We have just returned from a magnificent tour in Central America, where we cupped and chose the specialty coffees we will import to Canada this year. We have single origin samples of Geisha, Bourbon, Parainema, Pacas, Catuaí, Icatu, Lempira, and Caturra, among others. We also have blends prepared by experienced producers. We have washed, natural, honeyed and anaerobic coffees, ready to roast. You can obtain fantastic coffees at a competitive price. We can send you free samples;

We have exquisite specialty coffees ready to roast, brought directly from farmers in Latin America. We know them well, they are our origins.

Organic, SHG, single origin, ethically sourced.
Finca San Pablo fotos pajaros.jpg
Montgomery Melghem

San Pablo Farm

It is a organic farm located 1500 meters above sea level in Marcala, La Paz, in western Honduras, proud of its Lenca culture and its coffee processing. Also there are a variety of more than 50 species of birds.

Franklin Adonis Madrid

El Sauce Farm

It is located in the village of San Luis Planes, in the lower part of the Santa Barbara National Park, with an average altitude of 1,450 mamsl. This Honduran farm's coffee won first place in the Cup of Excellence 2008 and obtained similar distinctions in subsequent years.

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